How do i get back to IFATC

Hey Guys,
I was Controlling on expert server For a Bit a few months ago. I lost Track and stopped controlling i think 2 months ago. I saw that the IFATC changed to discord. So my question is, is there anybody from the IFATC Community that Cahn help me get back to Controlling and everything?

I would PM a moderator about this issue.


Can you Tag one?

What do the mods have to do with it? Wouldn’t you contact an IFATC staff person?

I thought Mods had access to IFATC discord Admin too?

Yeah youre right, nur as i sad the last Time i was Herr was a few months ago so it wolle be nice dir someone to help me

They are, but they’re not in full control of IFATC.

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I don’t know I thought they could sort the issue.

Sorry about that @Mr.Davi I am not entirely sure about how IFATC transitioned to Discord, but an IFATC staff should be able to move you.

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Sometimes mods aren’t the solution to everything :)

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Yeah definitely I couldn’t think of anyone else :/

Good day!

We are happy to see you coming back with Us, appears 90 days passed from your last activity at IFATC so you may contact a recruiter and re-apply for IIFATC.

I hope you be with us very soon!


Thank you very much and yeah hope to see you guys all soon:)

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Great to hear you want to come back! If I were you, I’d start here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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