How do I get ATC to vector me in for approach and give altitude guides

People talk about this but I can’t see how this works. I never get atc commands - does this only happen if you’re a certain grade ?

If there is an approach frequency open at an airspace, then the controller may guide you to the destination.

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Welcome to the community, Daniel. You can contact Approach only when it’s being controlled by a person in a limited range around an airspace (Grade isn’t a limit). Check out some topics in #tutorials and you will find them helpful in having ATC communication. Have a good time! 👌🏼

Have a look around our #tutorials section before you create a topic like this. There are many topics regarding ATC and Vectors!

Hi Daniel, as other’s have mentioned above you must have an open approach frequency by a controller in order to recieve approach vectors into the runway. Feel free to check out the flight section by our awesome pilot manager :).