How do I get an interactive map?

G’day I was just wondering how I get a interactive map on a post so I can have a detailed map for a future event I have planned.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean from a @Korean_Air_Virtual post.

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Hi! They used MyMaps. Just Google MyMaps and it’ll take you to google maps and provide you with some information and the ability to make these maps.


Hi! Pretty sure they made that using Google Maps and using waypoints. This tutorial should help you with making any maps you want!

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I tried with google MyMaps and copied the shareable link yesterday and it didn’t work.

You have to imbed it.

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It doesn’t work.

There’s a button that includes an Imbed link, that normally only works for websites, however there are other ways of adding it to a thread, prehaps contacting Korean Virtual and asking how they did it will help you.

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Well looking through the post edits I found this.

I finally figured it out.


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