How Do I Get A Custom Callsign?

does anyone here know how to get my callsign to say for example Shepherd, and not SIERRA HOTEL ECHO PAPA HOTEL ROMEO ECHO DELTA. i know this may be a dumb question. pls help

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After one update they made it so if you type let’s say Bulba it will say Bravo Uniform Lima Bravo Alpha. They did this to stop trolls from putting inappropriate names as there callsign.

but just now i saw a guy with the callsign Banana, and it said it like its spelled.

He must have either had that long before the update or spelled it in lowercase.

Words from Philippe

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thx. i will take a look

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I have also been wondering this too!how some people get past that “callsign check” earlier i believed they had not updated the app but i frequently do see a guy in a dash 8 have “custom callsigns”

same. just saw one

Maybe they just didn’t change their call sign since the update…?

Personally I think the Call Sign should be automatically changed depending on what aircraft / livery you fly. YOu just get the opportunity to update the flight number.

For example if I choose a B777 in British Airways livery it will automatically select ‘Speedbird XXXX Heavy’,then I can change the XXXX to a number that I want, or could remain the same as my previous flight, if for example I had been EASY 1234 then my next flight would be ‘Speedbird 1234 Heavy’ without me having to make any changes.

Would have to be slightly different for ‘GA’ aircraft, however would stop people using stupid / daft / inappropriate callsigns as well as stop people arguing about them as well as making the whole experience more realistic!

Oh wait it can’t be solely Speedbird! You forgot about domestic flights bearing the callsign Shuttle?

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that was an example using a B777. I trust that the app can tell if I selected say a A319 in BA Livery which then would automatically select ‘Shuttle 1234’.

of course would run into difficulties with Generic livery! I sometimes fly a A321 using a Speedbird or Shuttle call sign as BA has a few of those on their books!

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I would say to avert these problems, we make it a suggestion (which can be changed afterwards) in your case

Sounds a good plan!!

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