How do I fly the Boeing 737-900?

Yes, you do (the 737-700)

I used the 737-800

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Ahh caught me off guard! But I do love the 737 family, I might purchase it… Thanks for teaching him again, you taught him how to use one of easier planes that he’ll pick up on!

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Yeah, I told him to relax. He seemed very nervous.

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Surprisingly, his landings was superb. I expected worse. I thought he was going to be those “dive in and land” type of people. He had a little problem with his flair, and landed a little too early, but did that because I was on the runway … His takeoff seemed very well done, however I think he used full power, which is unnecessary.

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When he said please help me … Made me have to help him

Does a little to early mean the fishes could of smelled the landing gears? hehe

No, he landed before the "designated landing area)

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Oh! Anyways I wonder who still does dive and land

People who come in to fast

Doesn’t the game detect your gear is broken and it forces you to the " you crashed" menu

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