How do I flag part of a post?

How do I flag part of a post, for instance a part of it was off topic. Would I highlight the off topic part that I want to flag like how I would quote it, then flag it like normal? I just want to make sure I am flagging correctly so I am not flagging things that aren’t off topic or accidentally flagging anything that doesn’t meet the flag criteria.

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Just flag the entire thing, the mods will find the part in question.


You would just have to flag the entire post. Maybe include some detail about the flag about where it is.

Oh I can’t flag a part of it? I figured there was a way because I see parts of posts flagged all of the time.

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Are you referring to topics or posts? If you flag the original post, you are more or less flagging the entire topic. If you flag a post within that topic, you are flagging that specific post and not the topic itself. Make sense?

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Anything, a comment on a thread or the original post on the thread.

Either way, it’s exactly as I described above

See the flag button after the like button and the link button at the bottom of every post. Click on it to report a post in the topic. Thats for mobile through, I think it should be same on PC.

I know how to flag a post, I am asking how I can flag a portion of a post which I guess you can’t do.

If you want this added i suggest going to

You can’t flag “part” of a post. There is no need to anyways. Just comment when you flag the whole post and say the reason :)


Oh I usually click on the flag button then select an other option to explain to the moderator where is the part I think should be removed like duplicate picture or email address to keep info private.

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That is a good idea, I think I will do that from now on.

I made a feature request topic on discourse as well, hopefully this is implemented.

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You could always flag a post as “something else” and then quote part of the post and paste it into the flag message.