How do I flag my topic?

I want to take down or close my topic because there is too many like it. How do I do it?


You just flag your own topic and the moderators take action😉

What button do I hit?

Click the flag button and click something else and put in why it needs to be closed but it depends on the topic.


The button that looks like a flag.

It does not have it on mine

Maybe since your a new user you can’t.

can you flag it for me?

Sure, but which topic?

The which tri jet is your favorite.

My second most recent topic.

Why do you want it flagged?

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As @PlanesForLife said why do you want it flagged, it’s creating conversation and unless someone posts a link saying it’s a duplicate don’t ever worry about it once you have created it

You cannot flag your own posts.

Oh wait, you can.


Read my first post on this topic. Sorry that I did not clarify that.

You are a new user, so you cannot flag anything yet. Just do some reading and you’ll get promoted shortly:)

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