How do I fix the pins?

Hi! I think I did something with the forum pins- I had all the normally pinned topics and then clicked someone and lost it. How can I get those back?

Thank you so much in advance!

As of now there is only one pinned topic. That’s the ATC schedule, but I know they had the meetup pinned so maybe they changed it when you clicked on it. Not 100% sure exactly.

The ATC schedule isn’t showing for me.

Make sure in the top left part it set to latest. When I changed that it removed the pins.

Also try reloading the entire web browser.

Fixed it. This topic can be closed by @moderators, thank you so much!

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Glad it works!

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For future reference you can find all pinned topics by searching in:pinned this will pull up everything regardless whether you’ve unpinned the topic yourself.

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