How do I find the special fixes?

I am going to fly into FNF and I was wondering how I can find the fixes into the airspace?

To find fixes simply use the search bar in the top right corner

What should I type?

The waypoint you want to enter via. I can’t find any predefined entry points in the description for this weeks FNF, so not sure which point you mean?

I am flying one of the assigned routes so I might be good to just fly into any of them

Then simply enter those waypoints via the search function. (There are some very good tutorials both here and on the YouTube chanel on how to make a flight plan if you need more information)

Off you’re flying and assign route, just cut paste the flight plan into the search bar.

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Also you should be able to enter the established routing by simply coping it into the search bar, but I never tried this, so I am not aware how and if it works.

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Ok I might watch one of the videos on how to copy and paste thanks for the help

It’s just to copy all the fixes and paste it in here:


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I remember when I used to type each one individually 😅


Use Fpl To IF

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Ha, I remember in the past I usually spend over half an hour to type the routes, especially for long haul flight


Yeah the flights to Australia were the worst. It took me around that long by inputting every other fix, if I did each one I would have easily spent an hour on it.


Old memories >_^

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Why not use Fpl to IF and copy and paste…

I don’t know there’s such thing like that when I first started to play IF. I first find routes on online flight planner(then type it in), then I started to use Simbrief, then I saw the FPL converter that I know from that time I can just copy the routes >_^

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Hey I still do that… do I just c/p it into the search bar?

Yes if you use fpltoif. Much easier.

I feel so stupid now. Thanks lol

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