How do I find the airspace of the airport I am controlling?

Hello, I am wondering how do I find my airspace on ATC?
I was watching the tutorial on YouTube and I didn’t see how he got there.If you could please help, that would be great! Thanks

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I also have another question, how do you know what to tell the people that want a transition if the SFC is 4000? Do at or above 4000 or something else?

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There are rings around each towered airport to indicate its airspace, and a tower’s controlled airspace usually extends up about 3,000-3,500ft, depending on the airport.


Transitions should be given 5,000 ft above the airport’s altitude.


Not always, for an aircraft to request a transition they need to be below 5,000 ft AGL from the airport. The altitude the clearance is given at is up to the controller but usually 3000-5000 ft AGL


Also false.

By definition, in Infinite Flight, the airspace of tower extends from five miles of the airport and 5,000 feet above the surface in AGL (above ground level).

When you’re issuing a transition, the key point isn’t just to bar everyone at 5,000- it’s to allow people to pass through your airspace, not over it. Unless there’s a good reason for you to deny entry, it shouldn’t be that high. At least 1,000 feet above any pattern traffic operating in the area is standard when issuing. (Ex- people are flying at 2,000, clear transition at or above 3,000).

You guys just have to be real careful with verbatim. Sure, maybe some real world areas do this, but we have a uniform standard here for everyone.

(As I messaged you, JRR, my door is open for questions. Please refer to me first.)


Just adding my part into that Joshy.

If you find this a little confusing or hard to figure simply use the appropriate transitions set for a particular airspace.

Delta Airports average at: 3000ft
Charlie Airports: 4000ft
Bravo: 5000ft

It is up to the controller that is and Joshs explaination will benefit more.

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