How do I find real world TFRs?


I want to step up in flying realism. I do many things to add realism to the game such as…
Using real callsigns
using the airline that serves the route and plane
and so on…

but one thing I do not do is follow TFRs in the REAL WORLD I always follow the ones in Infinite flight. but I want to follow the real ones IRL

I know SkyVector does this, but only for the US. so no. any website where you can see all the TFRs closed airspace ect?

I reccomend you simbrief. When you plan your route simbrief give you the FIR notams deppending what FIR’s are you crossing

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hmm I did not know simbrife does that

I am doing a flight right now, I will check the OFP

1 Like has a whole bunch of TFRs around the US you can use. They’re all accessible via the map with readily available info.

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I cant seem to find where the TFRs are at

the closest thing I can find are the airport information

You need to check the FIR NOTAMS in the Simbrief “New flight” page

ok, got that

now where on the OFP do I find these natams?

they are between Airport NOTAMS and En route WX

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found the closed airspace and the TFRs and notams


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Sure no problem!

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