How do I find my age when applying to be IFATC

Hey guys. In the future i’d like to apply to be IFATC on expert server. Looking through the requirements it says to contact the recruiter with information such as your age. How do I show the recruiter that I meet the 14 years of age requirement?


Here are the requirements they ask to contact the recruiter with.

“## What steps are taken before being added?

First, an interested candidate will contact a recruiter who will ensure all minimum requirements are met. Please contact your recruiter with the following:

  • display name
  • callsign
  • age
  • level of experience
  • screenshot of operations count (Select ATC from Main Menu, you will see xxx operations in the top right hand corner with your name.)”

I don’t think there is any way to truly show. Just use your integrity on this one, and make the right call. Don’t lie. Lying is bad. 😀


Just tell them your age. They aren’t out to get you.

It will eventually become evident if you are lying.


When I applied I just told my age there really isn’t anything else.

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Thanks Pingu

Ok, Thanks for the response.

Birth certificate and social security card

(Please don’t actually do this)


We call your parents.

Just kidding…maybe.


If you are going to contact a recruiter make sure you are ready.I would get help from a trainer if you pass the written test so you are ready for the practical one

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Yeah I’m thinking in a few months I’ll apply

Well hopefully you’re over 14 haha

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So to apply for IFATC, we need your social insurance number, bank account details, ID, passport, Photo of your face and a 1000 Dollar apply fee.


Can confirm.

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Ok, so I take it that there isn’t an official way to prove I meet the age requirements.

No, they are assuming good intentions. All IFATC candidates should be extremely responsible so they will trust you.

Just be honest about it.

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No, but as long as you tell the truth, theres nothing else you can do

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I meet the age requirements, but I wasn’t sure if they wanted more confirmation than me just telling them. guess not.

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Ok 👍 thanks

It’s all the same answers.

Just be Honest

Didn’t your mommy and daddy teach you the bad things of lying.


Ok, thanks for responding

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