How do I find Airports on the simulator?

I have had a hard time looking up airports on the flight simulator and I was wanting to know if anyone can help me?

Hi, from where are you looking to search?

Most airports can be found by typing the airport’s ICAO code.

Hey @Moses_Kelly,
There are only two ways of finding an airport on IF. One, you know the ICAO code for the airport (this can usually be found on the airports wiki page). Two, if you know where it is on a map.
I hope this helped.


Or can u just search up the name of the airport it’s usually what I do if I forget the ICAO lol

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On google just search for “Airport name XXX ICAO code” and you get all the information needed.

You can find the airport that you’re looking for by:

  1. Clicking the globe icon at the bottom left.
  2. Type in the ICAO.
  3. If you don’t the ICAO, just search it up on Google.
  4. Once you find the ICAO, click the airport that popped up in the search bar.

That’s all! ✈️

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Yeah same but often it doesn’t come up so I have to go to wiki.

I use go to pilot resources, then go down to airports there type in the name of the airport and it will tell you the ICAO code. You can also find procedures for that airport (STARs, SIDs etc.) and also the conditions and airport diagrams for an even more realistic flight! Hope to see you in the skies;)
Have a great day!

Just go to the map in the simulator click on the search bar in the upper right and type in the city.

Hi, to search up an airport on Infinite Flight go to your map, then in the top left you will see a search bar, type in the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code for the airport you want to see. Las Angeles International Airport’s ICAO code is “KLAX”. Denver International’s code is KDEN. The prefix K is generally reserved for the contiguous United States. The remaining letters after that are selected to the best way that represents the Airport like KDEN. “DEN” in this case is short for Denver.
Most private airports do not have a K in the beginning of the code.
Hope this helps!

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