How do i enter a topic?

How do i enter a topic???


You’re in one now.


No like enter other peoples topics

I am pretty sure that you enter a topic, by interacting with it. Like how i’m replying right now. I am entering your topic.

Hit the reply button

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Click on the topic.


What do you mean by enter? I need a bit more information on what you want to do

By clicking on a topic/post and engaging if you wish.

Ive done that 20 times and cant get TL2 I’ve done everything else

Discourse and IFC have different requirements for TL2 and all the other trust levels

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Oh, just keep reading, posting, and liking. You’ll eventually get there.

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Yeah I’ve done the intire list

The IFC has different requirements from Discourse as a whole. Meeting the Discourse requirements does not mean you meet the IFC requirements.

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