How do I earn XP on infinite flight live?

I have 5,000 and I really want to go on Advanced Server becuase it sounds more fun than ATC playground. I want to figure out how fast and what regions would be better. Thanks!

The easiest way is to do touch and goes. Make sure you roll on the runway with all your tires on the ground for a few seconds though!

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Just play, do touch and goes if you want to speed up the process.
Personally I just didi regular flights and in about a week I has 10k XP

I would advise going to a airport like San Francisco take off them land straight away after sharp turns I would do this in the free flight server if you want to get it quickly without breaking rules

One time I did like 10 touch & go in an A340, but the nose gear wheels never touch the runway so the only landing that’s count was the final landing when I did a full stop, lol. I didn’t know all wheels have to touch, I do now :D

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