How do I earn the Wiki badge?

Hello all,

I was wondering how I earn the Wiki editor badge?

Thank you

You need to be a Regular or higher to get the badge as it requires features that aren’t available to users that aren’t TL3 or above.


Actually there are many people who aren’t regulars who earned the badge. @Qantas094 there is no point lying. It’s ok if u don’t know.

Those people were probably former regulars.

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They earned the badge before they lost regular

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Oh ok then

Oh ok then, sorry about that @Qantas094

I have the Wiki Editor badge and I’m not a Regular.


Oh ok then, how do u do it? @Altaria55

Become a Regular. Then edit a wiki.

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Oh ok, so ur no longer a regular? @Altaria55

Nope. Haven’t been since last summer.

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I forgot, you actually can get it without being a regular. If a mod makes one of your posts a wiki, you can get it then… I think

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Oh ok then, is it hard?

Nope. Just edit a wiki. It’s just like editing a post, but it’s someone else’s that all the other TL3+ can edit, too.

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U mean Wikipedia or what? @Altaria55

Lol no. A wiki is a discourse feature where if a Regular or Mod can make editing available to a specific post for all Mods and Regulars can edit as well.

Take this post for example - if it were to be made into a wiki right now, all the Regulars, like @TRDubh, and mods could also edit it, not just me.


Ok how can I make it a Wiki? So I can make my post editable by others?

You have to be a Regular (TL3), or a mod has to do it. If you try to get a mod to do it, I highly doubt they’ll do it because it’s not a post full of information.

Like the “every airline in the world topic”. I can guarantee you that’s a wiki.

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Yeah that’s ok, anyway thanks for all the help. I think we can get the mods to close this