How do I download all plane liveries at once?

How do I download them all at once without having to wait. Can you also provide some images?

Hi there! Liveries will download if you fly in a radius of a user flying that specific livery. Aircraft are downloaded whenever you select that aircraft to have a session with.

Although it takes a long time, is there any other way?

Unfortunately this is the only way to do so. If you load up in a livery it will automatically download to your device as well. This change was made to make the downloading process as efficient and beneficial to the team as possible and serves to be easier than having to hand pick all the aircraft you want to download which can be annoying. In the end you still have access to those aircraft to fly.

Also: It is not a long time to download, maybe an extra 10 - 15 seconds. No big deal :)

It took me 6 minutes to download A 10 Republic

It takes a long time for me as well

That does not sound right.

If it has interactive instruments it takes like 5 mins, and I have really fast internet

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Never takes that long for me - I have fast internet and it still only took 20s to download the A350…

It should not take 5 minutes unless you have a really slow and old device…

It might be something with your device storage :) That is unusual since it usually only takes 10 seconds extra to download any type of aircraft.

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My iPad Pro is new and my i have 50 go available. My internet is at 200 mbps

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