How do I delete my account?

I have chosen to leave this forum since I was silenced for asking what the top 5 major airports are. How would I go about doing that? Thanks!


Hey there, sorry about your upsetting experience. I suggest contacting a moderator

I’m sorry about the experience you’ve had. I just read your topic and it was a good one. It was closed because things were getting off-topic and out of hand. This was NOT your fault whatsoever. I’d suggest PMing a moderator to discuss this. I’m here to talk via PM as well.

Once again, I’m sorry about your experience.


I am sorry to see you leave!

I really appreciate your response. I am not sure if @drummer is a moderator or not but I have been in Kahoots with him. He hasn’t offered a solution and said that I should worry about something else, which kind of turned me off. I really do love checking this forum but what’s the point if I can’t come here to discuss things as simple as the 5 most popular airports lol 😂 @infiniteflight posted about it on their Twitter 2 weeks ago and I have been curios as to what the answer is! I know it’s not a big deal at all whaaaaaatsoever but the fact that it’s such a small issue and couldn’t be resolved or asked about bothered me. @MishaCamp - I just read your response and I also really really appreciate you getting back to me. Sorry I made such a big to do about this. I’m glad it finally made its way up to people who cared!!! For that I am very grateful. Thank you again for all of your help today y’all.


No problem dude! If you message me I can help you would with the account if you still wish to proceed.


OP requested closure.