How do I deal with the situation?

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I didn’t know where to put this thread.
I was flying from Paris CDG to Benito Juarez International (MMMX) in an A380. I used the DATUL4A STAR Approach, and I noticed a C-130J-30 (not gonna give his name, I’m not that type of person) approaching the airport as well. I announced inbound into 5R, and continued my approach, he did as well (He wasn’t using charts, as he approached straight in from the west.) I turn base, and announce it, just to make sure he’s aware that I’m there. Then I turn into final, and announce it. I move my camera, to notice that the person is very close to me. He then announces final. I land, buttering my landing, and as the A380 is a hard aircraft to manoeuvre, I take a bit of time clearing the runway. I am still on the runway when this guy passes the threshold. Surely it was his responsibility to go-around? as what he did was extremely dangerous in a real life situation?


Yes it was. Unfortunately not everyone cares about adhering you realism, they just want to land fast. There’s not much you can do here, especially since there’s no active ATC.


I’m just curious to know this.
He had AIVA in his name, along with IPP-(his name)
Whats that about?

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VA stands for virtual airline, AI is its code but I’m not exactly sure what it is…(Air India perhaps…?)

IPP stands for International Professional Pilots, which is another virtual organisation in the infinite flight. You would think that someone who is part of these organisations would be realistic but maybe not…


I think it was Air India, his name was, (I DON’T MEAN THIS IN A RACIST WAY) an Indian name.


I’m not sure if he is our IPP Member, There are a lot of fake people in these months.


If you have evidence and if this is on the expert server, then you can contact a moderator as an inquiry about this incident then they can make a decisive inference based on the information and evidence that they have.

If the answers to both are no, then there’s unfortunately nothing that can be done. However, if only the answer to the expert server answer is no then the only way to consider a judgement on the situation is if it happened on the training server.

I have been in contact with an AIVA member and the situation is being dealt with. And yes, it was on Expert.

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