How do I customise the button functions for an Xbox controller?

I’ve been able to link my Xbox controller to my iPhone as I have iOS 13 now, and I have tested it on infinite flight but I can only change the throttle, and I’m wondering how get some sort of button mapping up and make the other buttons function.


You can’t. Infinite Flight does not currently support Xbox/Playstation controllers.



If you link an XBOX Controller to your computer and then install LiveFlight you should be able to set up a Network Controller. How I would think it would work.

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Only some buttons work including the joystick for throttle and our looking around I tried it way before with IOS 13 beta with my PS4 controller

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Is it really true?

As I have heard, it is.

With iOS 13 better wait IF manages PS4 and Xbox controllers… Using a tiers devices is not for me.

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Okay will try that. Thanks

You couldn’t be more wrong. Please check your information before making such a grossly wrong statement.

If you are running iOS 13 you should be able to assign mapping to your Xbox controller. It goes about picking the function and choosing assign from the “assign-delete” option.

We have more information on this thread.


I think you have to bind parts of the controller to functions in infinite flight such as pitch and roll. I will be making a how to soon.

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You don’t need to do that. You can just connect a controller via bluetooth now.

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For know you can’t do anything because IF has to make controlling for it

Again. This is wrong. Infinite flight already has ps4/xbox support. You must be running on iOS13 or iPadOS if you are on apple device.

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I do have the IOS 13 running but you can only look around and push throttle up and down

No. There is a difference between infinite flight supporting it and ios 13 supporting it. What others are saying is correct. Infinite flight does not directly support the use of controllers through the new ios 13 feature. You sir, is the one who is wrong.


Are there any tutorials on YouTube on how t connect it via Bluetooth I’d really appreciate it

simple mistake. No need for the harshness.


Harshness? Are you being serious?

What are you saying? Infinite Flight supports gamepads! The only reason “all of a sudden” it directly supports gamepads is because iOS finally let PS4/XB1 connectivity. If it does not directly support it, then what does direct support look like?

Alright adding on to what @KennedyTurner said here’s my statement
You couldn’t be more harsh you know like come on man why can’t you just say I disagree with your option or something saying you couldn’t be more wrong and making such a grossly wrong statement. I’m puzzled as to why you said are you serious yeah cool think twice before you say something stupid please.

Joysticks, not gamepads. They added direct support for joystick as seen on android as well as on ios through the liveflight tool.

The ios feature is simply a third party tool which allows you to use gamepads with infinite flight as it does with other games.

Anf plus why are people eager to use gamepads anyway? Its the worst possible way you can play a flight simulator.