How do I create new profile

Does anyone know how to create a new profile? I just hit my 6th report and I’m not really interested in waiting a year to get back on the expert server. Any thoughts would be grateful.

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It’s not a year.
It’s until your 6th report becomes older than 12 months.

Additionally, a better suggestion is to try to learn what went wrong and adapt accordingly instead of circumventing the rules by creating a new account :)


It was for excessive speeding at 25k feet in a controlled airspace. I feel like that shouldn’t be reportable but more of a violation. And 6th report older than 12months is saying the same thing as a year, no??

That depends if you were on a approach/tower frequency or not

No, the 6th report would be the first you received. And if you were going fast in a fighter jet at 25K feet, in a controlled airspace well getting ghosted wouldn’t surprise me as airliners are all over the place. And someone zooming around isn’t “Realistic”


You wouldn’t be ghosted for flying at an excessive speed, at 25,000ft AGL. We don’t bother aircraft that are not in our airspace.

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What was your callsign and display name at this occurrence? Was it recently?

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