How do i create multiple polls in 1 post?

So i am trying to create separate polls for flights in 1 topic but I keep getting this message.

So then set it up with that line of code as shown here.

But I stll keep getting this error message. Last topic I did was a test but got immediately taken down for some reason. I tried to edit but couldn’t because it was taken down. How do i insert a name without this annoying error?

I think there might be a limit

Look at the second line defining each poll’s properties, (e.g [poll type=regular…])

The error is trying to tell you that it is unable to differentiate between each poll, and therefore is asking you to name them.
Some of your polls do have a name property but hold “name=poll2” which repeats itself…

Based on this, for each poll you will need to add “name=(unique name)” into the square brackets for every poll.

For example:

[poll name=poll1 type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

  • A
  • B



Thanks this helps alot

The first one got however taken down for a reason. Posting yet another one won’t change the outcome.