How Do I Create a Virtual Airline

I really would like to open one but i do not know how to do one

Look at this to see what it takes to run a VA.

Look at this to see what VA’s are already out

These are some of the topics that can help you out. Remember this will take hard work dedication and time. You will want some sort of website with a communication app/group. Good luck with your VA, I wish you the best :)


@Justin_Gonzalez explained perfectly, trust him.

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I recommend that you have a website (you can use Weebly, Wix, etc…), an application form for pilots or ATCs (whichever is applicable) and Slack (an app for communication which many VAs including mine, is using)… Anyways, could you brief us on what your VA would be and more about it? If it’s fictitious then I’d also suggest you to wait, as @Ben_ny said…

Make sure you have everything smooth, starting with a website. 😎👌

Generally the original ones are unsuccessful :p

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Original ones like?

i won’t name airlines specifically to not cause offence but some have less than 10 pilots would kinda call that an unsuccessful airline and thats without people doing routes daily.

Well how would you know though? My VA has internal group flights that the IFC won’t know of and only when major events come (like the one on 1 May recently), would you see a huge influx of traffic (which I have absolutely no idea why lol)

because people have said they are struggling to hire pilots. Can you stop being aggressive? You can bring this to PM if you need to.

Nah I’m not being aggressive lol I have nothing against you :) I’m just curious how you would know that a VA is well, unsuccessful when most VAs have internal communications using Slack and similar programs…

Guess what:

Once you create it, you can join a group or umbrella company such as my dear Skyliner group. (@B767fan) PM him if your VA comes to life.

Like fictional airlines? Skyliner has 60+ pilots…

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I am proud to be one!


You can never go wrong with joining us. :)

I am not here to advertise or try and lure you to my “VA Consortium” (don’t have one), but I assure you that it takes time, commitment, staff and knowledge. If you have these things that is the perfect recipe for a successful VA. Most importantly, don’t advertise before you have a website or somewhere for pilots to register and join your VA. That is the best way to loose momentum in the startup process


I said most not all


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