How do I create a topic

hi i have a question how do i add a topic to this website


Congratulations! You added a topic to the community.

Joking of course–welcome to the IFC! I moved this post for you.

As a TL0 (new user), you’re limited to what you can do. Such things include limited in what categories you can post in, having a moderator approve your post before they’re seen by the public, etc. You can view more about that on our Guide to the Community topic.

When you want to make a topic, simply go to the category you wish to post it and press “New Topic”:

Hope this helps, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any more questions you may have!


Welcome to the community!

Welcome to IFC, anyway now you have a topic🥳

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Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community!You did it and successfully created a topic.

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