How do i create a thread

I need to know how to create a nice thread for a VA in the makings coming out soon and i want it to look professional

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Well firstly, are you in the reserved VA section currently?

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No I am not because we’re not fully finished with our steps

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You can only make a VA thread once your VA is IFVARB approved, this goes the same with making a VA account. Good luck with your VA!

In that case your trying to run before you can walk, because what if someone takes the VA reservation before you? Nothing you can do in that case, and if you were hypothetically working in a thread it would be pointless. My recommendation for you is to get to the application to the approval process before you even think of working in your thread, as there are some big essentials you need to do up to that point. However, once you are there my recommendation for you is to browse existing threads here, there are some really creative and unique examples, and you can get some big inspirations while adding your own unique twist to your thread!

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