How do i create a poll ?


Hey i wanted to create a poll for adding terminals jetways and fuel trucks etc.
How do i add a poll ?



For requests like these it wouldn’t be a poll, it would be a feature request you would have to make. You are currently TL1 (Basic User).

Once you reach TL2 you will be able to post in #live #live:events #live:va #features #real-world-aviation.

Keep on liking and contributing to the forum and you will be there in no time.

Once you reach TL2 you can create a feature request for these features. Please take a look at this topic, to help you prepare for when you are about to create your first feature request:

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send me a PM.


Oh ok…thank u!


On top of that, if you do need to make a pole.
Press settings

Then the create a poll,

And it should give you instructions on how to make it!


Ok…thank you!


Can a moderator close this since @Rohith_Krishna 's problem is solved.


The moderators are here looking, don’t worry.


Please use caution when creating polls. They cannot be edited, even by mods, after a certain amount of time so if you mess up you are stuck with it.


Oh ok…thanks for the information