How do I correctly land the B717?

The last time I tried, I used 100% trim and 145kts, and yet I still landed too hard and the nose went up before slamming the runway (without breaking).
Flaps 30, Normal weight and 100% trim.

Why are you using trim? It can land a bit slower. The last time i landed it which was during ifau opening event I think i maxed out weight for passenger and cargo and had 1/2 fuel. It shouldn’t slam into the ground

I use trim to avoid pulling my phone towards my stomach. Real life trim helps the pilot to not put too much pressure on the yoke.
And I just went out of the glideslope when I tried landing at 139kts.

Altitude at which you idled engines?

I see. Did you arm spoilers before landing and i did not idle but kept it on 8 or 9 %.

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I had them armed.

Well, as the spoilers deploy as your main landing gear touches ground, it causes the aircraft to kind of stick to the ground so you should either use it after all wheels touch the ground or use more power

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Since we can recalibrate our devices, we don’t really need trim. I don’t use it.


I landed every before 15* flaps and approaches with 150kts but 20m on RWY before make the kts off 0.


I’ll try that.

try approaching the runway with your SPD a/p set to 150, full flaps, HDG set so that you are at the centerline of the runway and you VS set to -500 to - 1100 so that the circle will be at the center of the two white bars at the runway.

and when you are about 20 ft above the runway
disable SPD and put the throttle to idle and increase VS to -500 to -300 so that your main landing gears will land first. And make sure you arm the spoilers if you haven’t yet. no trim used just the VS.

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I’ll try everything you said too but landing manually, thanks!

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That is completely wrong, you should not land with your autopilot engaged. A VS of 1100 is way wrong for a 3 degree glideslope as well.

Also, that is a decrease, not an increase.

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ok thanks for the correction

@Samuel123abc do you guys use the steady-device technique and use trim?

because without the VS i can’t seem to remove the oscillation at landing

I usually don’t use trim and land too fast with the 717.

Steady device technique? I am holding it in my hands and turning, flying the plane manually.

You must not land too fast otherwise your VS will not drop if you don’t pitch down.


Totally agree with @GordenW, deploy your spoilers has soon as all your nose gear has touched down. I do it and it really does help me make my nose gear touch down much smoother.

Flying manually is fun. Trim is used to not put too much pressure on the yoke, and will depend on your weight. I suggest you go to Solo and make some take offs and landings, adding trim, and seeing how much do you need for a comfortable take and landing, IE, not pulling too much.

did you really just ask that? XD seriously dude?

I think I’m starting to get it now
Thanks. I’ll try it right away.