How Do I Copy a Simbrief FPL to Infinite flight

How Do I Copy a Simbrief FPL to Infinite flight? I couldnt find an answer on the forum, I would appreciate if someone could send me a link or smth. thx

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It is unfortunate not straight forward .
But there is a tutorial for it:

Actually, @AdamCallow created a tool with which you can convert your simbrief FPL to IF format with a click.
I’ve been using it for months and it works like a charm.
IF Flightplan Tools (

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Hello, to answer your question here is a short video. I hope this will help you.

Thanks for that . Yes I tried it but it messed up the route .

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You can’t just copy the Simbrief Route into Infinite Flight, as there are airways included which do not exist in Infinite Flight yet (e.g. T418 is an airway). (The SID/STAR name doesn’t work either)
I also recommend using a tool to convert the Simbrief Flightplan. FlightGT already mentioned a good tool. I usually use the website to convert the flightplan. Once you have converted the flightplan with one of the mentioned tools, it gives you a route which you can easily copy into Infinite Flight.

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For me simbrief has always been effective. All my flight plans take into account the SID and STAR in IF

i don’t copy technically because it can be confusing so what i do is open Sim Brief on my laptop and then going through every waypoint and adding them to my IF Flight Plan. Then for the SIDS or STARS i just search for it

FPL to IF still messes up my route, I’ll be flying from EGLL to EIDW and I’ll be routed via Newyork 😂

I’ll check out Flight GT’s link.

Maybe IF could create their own FP app and then import directly in?

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Better way is to open your route in skyvector (an option on the map in SimBrief) and then export it as a Foreflight .fpl file directly into IF

This should not be possible as the Simbrief Classic Tool does not create or modify a route, it only converts the route from your Simbrief Flightplan. It occasionally happens that a waypoint in IF has a different position than specified in Simbrief, since the free version of Simbrief uses outdated navigation data. But this can be fixed quickly.
Personally, I like using this tool, have been using it for almost 4 years and it has always worked smoothly and quickly. But of course it is also an individual decision as to which tool is best for you or how to create the flight plan in general.

After you create the plan at the bottom of the screen Infinite Flight is one of the option and it will just give you a page with just the waypoints for you to copy and paste.

The way I’ve been doing it for years:

  1. Create SimBrief FPL;
  2. Import in FPLtoIF → SimBrief classic section using xml link;
  3. Copy FPL waypoint from FPLtoIF;
  4. Paste in IF FPL map (if you prep the FPL from a different device from the one IF is on, send yourself an email with the waypoints and retrieve it from the device IF is on).
  5. Replace (delete) corresponding waypoints with procedures (SID, NAT, STAR, APP) in IF FPL.
  6. Populate IF FPL with cruise and stepclimb altitude listed in FPLtoIF as needed.
  7. Verify altitude & speed restrictions in Navigraph charts, and adjust anticipated procedure altitudes in IF FPL as needed.
  8. Proudly take your P/A microphone and say: “Cabin Crew, please prepare for take-off”
  9. Enjoy!
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