How do I control which runway the APPR locks onto

I have tried to lock the APPR onto the approach I want. Please help.

If you press it down, you will get a list with different runways, at the airport you have put in your flight plan! :)

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Make sure your FPL final point is that of your actual destination airport (not one of the GPS points near the ILS approach cone on the map for example).

Now, where it shows the runway name, heading etc on the HUD, bottom right next to compass, hold your finger on it. It will bring up a dropdown menu of the runways at that airport. Select the runway you want and it will lock that in as the correct ILS frequency for the runway.

The APPR feature will now use that frequency to land the aircraft.

Note; there is an issue with the dropdown only showing 6 runways (I think it’s 6). Therefore you may not be able to select your desired runway if your far away, may need to wait until the HUD starts picking up the runway nearest your position / heading as you’re nearing the start of your approach

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i think its where you select the ILS im it sure though

There are literally dozens of threads already. But here is some documentation on it. The above is perfect on how to select it. This thread tells the rules.


Click/hold down on this bit . image

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