How do i contact a Recruiter?

How do i understand that i am TL1.And can someone send me the recruiters name?

See here. Pick one of the users from the list in this thread and send them a PM when reach TL1.

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Once you are TL1 you can contact a recruiter

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Keeping participating around this community, take a look at some threads, maybe reply to some and you will reach TL1. Then, you can contact a recruiter of your choice from that list in the thread linked above. :)

Hope to see you controlling the skies soon. :D

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Please read these posts.

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This topic will also help you out-

Like @BigBert10 said, just like, reply, and crest topics and you’ll be TL1 in no time.

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Shoot, linked the wrong one. Must’ve not copied, standby!
Edit: Fixed it.


Thanks about your help.Have a nice day!

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Can u enter my profile and say my Trust Level please?

You are a new user, it shouldn’t take too long for you to get upgraded. You’ll get notified when this occurs.

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Your username is still blurred. That means you are still TL0 (new user).

You will know that you have reached TL1 when you have received a notification saying that you have earned the “Basic” badge.

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Have a look at this info. A great way to help you prepare for Expert controller.



This never gets old 😂😂

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İ readed 26 topics.520 posts and my read time is1,30 hour.What can i do for get promoted to TL1???

Do a quick search on ‘how do I get promoted’ and you’ll find about 6 posts within a second with plenty of info. 😊

There is not a magic number. Just participate and stay active and it will happen.

A large part of being in IFATC is being a steward of information for the forum. The forum is about education and as you progress through your IFATC career you are encouraged to share wisdom with the community.

Why not post a thread in the #atc category while you control asking for feedback?

Have you read up on the ATC tutorials for ground and tower? Have you watched the many videos that show you what you need to know for the practical test?

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Like @Chris_S said, just participate and remain active. Post a few replies here and there make sure they relate to the topic and follow IFC rules and read posts.

When I first joined the IFC, I was needing help because my app wasn’t working. Not too long after, I found myself getting the “Basic” badge. Sometimes, I like to think that trust levels come unexpectantly because I never expected to get TL1 after support request and I never thought I would get TL2 just by binging IFC when I was supposed to be on topic and on task at school XD

Heck, my procrastination in school and my addiction to IFC turned me really unexpectantly into TL3! which I foolishly lost

My point is: Like @Chris_S said, participate and read more and post more. And your trust levels will come. IFC is a place for being civilized and at the same time having fun, not for gaining higher trust levels.

Well i have it now!Thanks for the infos guys!