How do I connect to discord pro?

So I just bought pro right now, and I would like to join the pro section of the discord server. I did link it when I didn’t have pro before. But noe I have pro and I would like to get access to the WIP and the kind of stuff?

Go to the Infinite Flight app, your account, where you see Discord press link. Once done, leave the discord and rejoin, it will take some time to see all the channels once you have joined.

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Well I did as you say like connecting it via the app. But what do you mean with “rejoining”?

Like just quit it and open it again?

If you are currently in the discord server, you will need to leave the server and rejoin. You can rejoin via app or by link. >Link:

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So I just pressed leave server button.

Okay, you can join via app and give it some time.

Oh and thanks for the help!

Works now as it should

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OP requested closure. Issue resolved