How do I connect ForeFlight to Infinite Flight?

How do I connect it now to Infinite Flight. Just brought the 1 year pro sub

I have IPhone 7

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Enable the foreflight connect in IF settings

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Then in Foreflight, go to settings and then Devices

Correction: go to “more” and then devices and you’ll see IF so just connect it

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Try reading through this topic first and then let us know if you have further issues/questions.


All steps done do I have to be on online mode?

Or can I be on solo?

It works for both.

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This is all I get

You can be in replay, solo, live, controlling, everything and use it.

Sometimes you need to restart either Infinite Flight or ForeFlight for it to connect. Double check the IP address being used on both devices to see if they match or it won’t connect.

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