How do I configure this?

on my logitech extreme 3d pro, there is a slider that moves up and down and on infinite flight i can only use it for throttle down or throttle up(only one of those) is there anyway I can fix this

Maybe you have a faulty one, look for a FAQ on the website you got it from…:)

I don’t understand the question

His throttle will only move in one direction. So it’s binded to only move up. No matter which way the little tab on the joystick is

Oh well… I don’t know

Me neither lol. I only use my joystick for desktop sims

Is it acting as a button or as a axis?

an axis,

This is a weird problem, I have the same Joystick however I have not used it in IF, I will try to set my joystick up and see if I can find a fix and I will let you know!

i have the same joystick but haven’t encountered tis problem, try restoring defaults in controls and setting it up again.

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