How do I clear my RAM for my iPad on iOS 13

I’m trying to clear my ram for a flight. I used to hold down the power button and then hold down the home button when I’m clearing my ram but now if I hold down the home button it just says finger print not recognized. I’m using a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5. Some help me plz. I’m doing the KLM flyout soon so I need a quick solution. Thanks

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I’d take a look at the video below:

Even though it’s for iPhone, I’d still give it a shot. I’ve done some googling but did not find any solution to clearing ram for iPads on IOS 13.

Tell me if it works!

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I already watched this video

So it did not work?

The iPhone doesn’t have the home button so no

Restart the device if you’re in such a hurry ;)


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