How do I check to see what trust Level I am?

I’m currently attempting to rank up a level/s to be able to post Ideas in the Features area, I do not know what level I currently am and would like to know. Can someone please tell me how or if can check my Level.


Just check you’re profile 😀

You’re currently a Basic User


If you click your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen, you will be taken to your profile. Where you see your username, hit expand. Look for “Trust Level”

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(Anywhere it says racerclc, it should list your username.)

Basic = Trust Level 1
Member = TL 2
Regular = TL 3

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When you move up, you’ll get a badge!

What do you have to do to move up?

To add to @racerclc’s post there is also a TL4,but it isnt the same as other Trust levels.You have to be chosen.

@TheBlackPearl check this topic out to see what the requirements are:
Why have I not reached TL* yet?
Click the link understanding discourse trust levels :)

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Thanks all for the help means a lot :)


Contribute to the forum in a respectful, productive, constructive manner. Help out when when you can. Do your best to assist and support but not overdo it to the point where your post doesn’t help. Stay in a position where you can add on to a thread/topic and do good than having your posts being off-topic and flagged. Also remember to think twice before posting so that you are sure your post is relevant and helpful in the current topic :)

Oh and be kind, bout the respect part, this is just a nice addition and that is too be kind when helping others or discussing a matter. If you’re having a bad day then refrain from posting but otherwise, go ahead and spread your knowledge to progress the conversation in a… you know it, a respectful manner. That way you’ll also be likely to receive great feedback and happiness from others who agree on opinion if portrayed kindly and not aggressively or rudely.

And this message goes to everyone striving to becoem TL3 one day. Now that the requirements are more strict and difficult to reach, you got a steeper ladder to climb but remember the main most important part of being a part of this community is not to be a Regular, TL3 but rather to do what I said above, be kind and helpful person who truly loves what he/she does, helping and contributing that is with productive posts to progress in a topic or add to a discussion with their own ideas and opinions. It’s not about being TL3 but about being a someone who is there to assist and do their best for everyone’s sake, even their own

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