How do I check the active runways?

Dear All
Just a quick question, since this troubles me quite a lot.

When I do my flight planning, how do I know which runways are currently active for departure and landing?
For now, I have to spawn up at the airport to see it and then change to the landing airport to check there too. Only then can I plan all my parameters (FPlan and SID/STARs etc)…

How do you do it?

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One way I check is on Liveflight or Infiinte Tracker to see what way the airplanes are coming in…otherwise the only other way ik before spawning in is looking at metars for that airport irl and hoping it corresponds

You can also check that airport in real life to see what they’re using, that hasn’t failed me yet

Try checking the METAR’s for the direction of the wind. Aircrafts take off into the wind, so you could plan accordingly.

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I will admit that although this is almost always true, sometimes exceptions are made by controllers for particular logistic hassles.

To check to see what active runways are in use I usually check Flightradar 24 and if ATC is active at the airport I will check LiveFlight to see what runways are then being used.
But if no ATC is active in Infinite Flight and a plane hasn’t took off for a while in real life I will then check the METAR to see how the winds are blowing then I will make my decision.

Hope this helps :)

Just to add - in Europe (most countries at least, some exceptions), you don’t include SID/STARs for that exact reason. They vary so much based on Winds, configurations etc…

The general rule is to take off into the wind. Basically, choose the runway closest to the wind direction. If you have rwy 36 and rwy 18, and the wind is 30015KT, you would choose 36 since 300 is closest to 360. :)

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If you are on the Expert Server just tune to the atis if available and look for the departure and landing runways.

Well that I know… but my question was before even starting the flight, how can I check which runway is active…
Does not make sense to me to always have to spawn in, in order to check ATIS…

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Flightradar24 to see the actives irl. Gives you an Idea of what runway to use for landing and takeoff

Most flight trackers do, I think you may be able to just look it up as well.

i use to see the winds for the hour i’m arriving and plan for the most suitable runway for that hour

ATC will assign departure and arrival runways. You can look at ATIS to see the ones currently in use, but IFATC instructions take priority over ATIS.
If there is no ATC, use traffic flow; use the runway that others are departing/arriving on.
If no others are there, use the wind. If that isn’t available, use the color.

Cool thanks guys for your inputs!

@CooperS what I do is open IF and tap Fly Online and then open the map where you select your airport and gate. Type in your departure airport and you can see which runways are green and then type in arrival airport and look for the same. This is the quickest way I have found to do it without actually spawning in or using other websites (Flightaware, LiveFlight, Flightradar24, etc.) and hoping they’re correct.

Hope that helps.

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