How do I change my Infinite Flight email?

I need to change my email before the year ends as I used my school email!
That email will be deleted as I am leaving that school. Please help!

Welcome! :)

Just go to your profile settings, and change your email. btw, this kind of problems should go in #meta, #support is for issues in the flight simulator.

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Great to see another NZ fan on here!
Go to Prefences > Email
You can change your email there.

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I’m pretty sure he’s talking about his live email.

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Yes I am Carson

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Don’t think there’s been a change for the credential system. @david could you verify?


Thank you but your saying I’m going to lose all stats?!

You still have a chance, being the fact you use the same Apple id/google id. unfortunately, your stats will be gone, can you ask your school not to delete it/can you recover it? :)

I believe Philippe or Laura was able to do this for me a few months ago.

Really?! If possible could she do it to me

I don’t know. She did it for me once, though.

If I tag Devs will I get baned

You wouldn’t, but you aren’t supposed to tag them. :)