How do I change my callsign?

How can I change my flight name from N5XM to what ever I like

Hi there.
I guess you wanna change your callsing?
At the menu, tap the top right corner. You will see the option: call sign
Click on it, hit edit and type your new name


Check that out.

Where I can’t see it

At the very top of the home menu (upper-right corner) where it says your standing and online flight time. Just tap on that top bar and it will bring you to the place where you can change your display name and callsign.

Two ways my friend:

Mid Flight:



Once inside you should be presented with a list… This list will show your stats, email and other Infinite flight details. Tap on the callsign tag to change this!

Funny thing… the menu is now different with the update.

They will have to figure it.

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I heard a callsign at Socal “captain Tim” how did he do that or even type that!?and thats not the only case I’ve heard people using their names how do they customise their callsigns to their names