How do I cancel my existing Live 1year subscription and buy pro?

My son would like to play with the new MD11 and DC10 planes but they are not included in his 1 year subscription. Also it seems that his friends are in different servers now.

Can I cancel the existing Live (purchased in Oct I believe and then purchase the Pro?



They are the same Subscription, I suggest reinstalling the app, can you also confirm you have installed the latest update? If it does not show up, please reinstall the app!


Hello Shawn!

If your son have the Pro subscription, he should have access to the new aircrafts + the V2 servers if he have updated to the latest version of the app.


I bought the one year subscription before the global update for $50, and I still have all the features. Try re installing.


As others have said the old Live+ subscription was changed to Pro automatically when global was released. With that being said however with globals release there were some device compatibility changes that took place. Without knowing the exact device it’s hard to say if you are compatible or not. Chances are if you cannot download the latest update you do not have the required compatability on your device. Therefore the MD11 or DC10 will consistantly be unavailable.

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After removing the App from the iPad and then reinstalling the app from the App Store, all is good. All the planes show up. Thanks!