How do I call inbound with ATIS Info

Hello forum folks,

So I was inbound to Hong Kong about two hours ago and I’d listened to ATIS, knew the landing runways and low visibility notam, etc. however when I called in to approach and tower neither of those gave me the chance to say “inbound requesting vectors to Hong Kong any runway with information alpha” or “inbound ILS for 07L with information alpha”.

I ask this because I heard several aircraft coming in and the end of their transmission told of their knowledge of ATIS. But I can’t find the command to send ATIS info with my inbound message. Am I missing something?

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ATIS is not an actual frequency that you can send command messages. ATIS is just frequency that gives a pilot information about the airport whether info or which Runway is used for departures & arrivals and many other info.

Hope this clears something for you.

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