How do I buy Live+?

Im new in this And i cant fly online pls help

Go to the online tab. There, create a account, and then buy a subscription.

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Go to “fly online”. From there you will be prompted to sign into or create a google+ to Facebook account. Then, you can either but Live ($5/Month) or Live+ ($50/year and includes all aircraft and regions)

If you decide to buy Live+, I would suggest doing this through FDS’s website. That way the devs get all of the money, and Apple doesn’t take a commission.

Were i buy that? Im new

How i go to the online tab😕😕😕

Y I can’t purchase a subscription pls help me

Here are the steps:

Hit Fly online, underneath fly solo:

Then you will get this screen, sign in with your Google or Facebook account:

Then it will say either buy a month of live or a year. The yearly subscription comes with all planes & regions free!


I put the steps above @Nick1421 and @Akeem_Wellington

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It’s not really free if you’re paying $60 to use them…

Well consider you pay 5 for a month and over 12 months that’d equal 60 but it’s only 50, so that’s already less than standard live, so the planes are sort of free…

This my be not accurate because I don’t live in the us. It’s $7.99 here for live and $79.99 for live +