How do I buy live on this site? [Error]

I want to buy live on this site but it gives me an error, this is the site:
This is the error I get when i wabt to buy it.

Have you tried a reload/web browser restart?

I will test that out now.

No didn’t work, i have to go to bed now, its here 9PM
Does anyone has other ideas?

Device restart and Network Connection

I will try that.

No, didn’t work. I had a good WiFi connection and have restarded my two devises.

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Try on a computer

I will try that later today, i am early a wake, its here 5am

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Ok, It’s late here and I’m partied out. Let me know how it works out :)


I will let you know if it worked

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no it didn’t work on my computer, it says i have a error @Patrick_U.

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Ehm, Isn´t it a bit stupid to post a picture of your visa card?


Please dont post that card here! Its a public forum!


@Joost3008 I highly suggest you get rid of that card ASAP ;)

In totally unrelated news I finally am getting an IPhone 6S plus!


I removed it, sorry for doing that.

Don’t apologize, we’re just keeping you and your cash safe ;)


But they cant do anything with it, they need my email

Trust me, if someone really wants to find your email, they can do it.


I hope anyone else has an i idea to let it work.