How do I buy a subscription to Infinite Flight with google?

Whenever I try to buy the subscription to infinite live it doesn’t work the left one says error and if I click on the right one it exits me out of the game I don’t know why this is not working because I’ve done this before please help me!!!:(

If the issue is similar to the issue shown in the picture below -

Try having your restrictions enabled by going in Settings --> General --> Restrictions and having your in app purchases enabled.


Changed to support. Someone with the support team will be with you shortly. Thanks

Thanks I’ll try that now

A quick restart might be the solution. Also, make sure you have got a good wifi connection.

Try uninstalling and installing the application again

Try purchasing your subscription through the Infinite Flight website. IIRC it helps out the devs more because of the fees charged by the Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores.

Log into your account via the link below, and you should be able to purchase a subscription form there.

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There are bank fees although; -)
Once I bought a plane for 4,99€ and cause FDS is American their price is in dollars. Therefore my bank had a commission of 2,00€ for buying in €. So I had spent 7 € instead of 5. :-/
Not in every place the prices are same…
Let’s back on topic

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That’s a very valid point. Never thought about it. I am lucky though, my credit card doesn’t charge currency transaction fees, so I never thought about it.

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