How do I boost my rating in ATC?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a very long time and not having very much luck I played many simulators but this makes the first?

Help at this point would be very much appreciate it

Could you explain a little bit more? If you’re talking about joining IFATC, there are many guides on that and IFATC members such as myself could help too. I’d gladly help, I just need a bit more clarification :)

On Infinite Flight Pilots have a grade 1 through 4

And I was wondering if the air traffic controllers

Have a different grade between the two?

Because I haven’t seen a grade for it?

In order to control on Training Server, you have to be a grade two in live. In order to control on Expert, you have to be IFATC. More on that here. (Just make sure you have all of the requirements)

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Its not really a grade based system. The way it works is every time you send a clearence (Taxi,Takeoff,etc) you get what is called an operation. Your operations add up. You can see them on the top right when in atc menu, like this:


Oooohhhh you have no idea how much that really helps because I have been working very hard at this


IFATC requires a test that I’m not quite ready for LOL not yet anyways but I will be sometime

If you don’t feel ready now but want to join IFATC eventually, I strongly recommend joining ATCEG. We train future ATC’s and prepare them for the tests. We also train current IFATC’s for Approach/Departure qualifications.
Here’s the link :)


I will definitely keep this in mind when I’m ready

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From your post I read that you’re keen to focus on Air Traffic Controlling. This is great, because serious and good ATCs are always in demand.

As soon as you’ve mastered your pilot skills and training, go check out the Infinite Flight IFATC training videos made by Tyler. They’re well made and you’ll learn a lot. I’ve watched some of these videos more than 5 times.

This will set you off to become a good controller on Training and you will start building your ATC operations (ops). Remember, Controlling is not about getting many ops, but about delivering a good service.

When you have picked up knowledge and skills, open an official ATC tracking thread, and ask people to fly for you and give you feedback. You’ll find some great example tracking threads here on IFC. Soon after that you’ll join the ATCEG and you’ll be part of a team where Trainee ATCs and skilled pilots meet and help eachother.

You’ll love it, I’m sure!

Any questions, ask! We’re here to help eachother.


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