How do I become part of the Infinite Flight staff?

The title says it all really.

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Well there’s no set process you just have to make them hire you with what you can bring to the table.


Well they really have to be looking to hire

Be here for several years, lots of positive contribution, very good standing in the forum, etc, etc, etc.


This really depends. If you work in the Development process for Infinite Flight.

Or else become a moderator, as chosen by the staff. This is something to be worked hard for a long period of time.


Oh right. How would I be hired by them?

You would have to have some sort of experience. Apple doesn’t just hire anyone to design technology because that’s the job that they would like.

I’d imagine you’d have to be able to bring something to the table. For example, Jason and Misha work more on the social media aspect with marketing etc. Schyllberg is knowledgeable in technical issues, Tyler is an Air Traffic Controller, you get the picture. In order to be staff, you need to have some sort of skill in an area that relates to the game. That, and having an outstanding standing on the forum.

This is mostly my assumption based on what I’ve seen in a lot of staff.


Your work is your resume. Do something or build something that makes you hirable. We’re made up of our community!