How do I become grade 3

Can someone help me understand how to get the landing ratio down from grade 2 to get grade 3 ratio

If you’re talking about your violation to landing ratio, it needs to be 1:2. So if you have (for example) 50 Violations, you’ll need 100 landings.

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Do lots of landings.

You can either do regular flights or do a procedure called “Touch and Go” which is when an airplane takes off a runway, flies in a pattern (kind of like a circle around the airport, lines up and touches down on the runway of the same airport and slows down for a brief moment, then speeds up and takes off all in one motion without stopping completely. This is repeated multiple times preferably in a light GA aircraft for easy maneuvering.

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this is what I mean

Thank you because I am really trying to get to grade 3 so I can do atis informations on atc or try then and fly with the

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Yep, you’re only missing that ratio that I mentioned. Right now, you’ll need 35 more landings to even out your ratio.

Can I join your VA also

Oh geez why 35 more landing I’m sad now cuz I don’t like trying to land for 35 times in a row

That’s just how the grading system works. Hop in a TBM and do some patterns at an airport. It’s actually a lot more fun than you’d think.

Yes thats what me and @DiamondGaming4 are referring to. The yellow number is what you NEED to get Grade 3, while you have above that number.

The formula is Violations (divided by) Landings. Your violations won’t go away super quickly, so you will need to get a lot of landings. Once your landing total goes up, the ratio will come down under 0.50 amd you will be Grade 3!

Ok I will have to try to get 35 touch and goes

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Touch and goes, or hop from airport to airport. You should get it in no time :)

And Avoid getting Violations

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