How do I become ATIS?

Hello I was wondering how I can become a ATIS on the servers thx.

ATIS is only available on the Expert server. You need to a part of become IFATC in order to control on ES.

You have to join the IFATC team to access ATIS on the Expert Server :)

I’ve attached a topic with some information about how to apply for IFATC! Make sure you meet the requirements, fill out an application, work and practice hard, pass the written and the practical, and you’ll be set!

Hey man, do you mean ATC, air traffic controller? ATIS is something different. Automated Terminal Info System.

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Thx guys!!

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Yea but I think u need to take the test I just wasn’t sure

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Indeed you have to pass a theoretical as well as a practical test for this in order to become ATC.

Gotcha thx

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