How do I become a regular?

I’ve been on the community every day and haven’t gotten regular yet… how do I do this?

You have to receive a certain amount of likes and be on the community for 80 days (I think).

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Trust Level 3 (regular) changes
This is duplicated:
How would I become regular?


You have to earn the ‘member’ badge first though… you’re still a basic user currently.


I suggest you create a topic that will be very useful to the IF community. I created the Virtual Airlines Database, which is continuously used and gets likes.


Read all of the article to learn about different trust levels :)

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I’ve never seen you on the forums before. You need to actually post to be a Regular.

You have a long way to go yet unfortunately I managed to get every thing but the amount of days visited so I have been waiting patiently you have to become a member then you can make it to a regular, don’t worry regardless of the trust level the experience is somewhat the same you just have more pride when you are a regular you will get there

Send me a certified check money order for $799.95 and you can become a regular immediately. Or, read above.