How do I become a moderator?

Hello all, I have worked out and red other topics that a modorator helps keep the community civil kind and clean I was wondering how do I become one ??

They select you. I doubt they need any more.

Wait in the queue for start. You have to prove you are valuable addition to community, at the end of the day all decision taken by Mr. Philippe the developer. There’s no other way.

@ISHY199 You would become the quickest man to become a moderator on any forum. Good luck with your try for Guinness record.


Oh it seems it’s unlikely for me to become one then.

Thanks anyway :)

Two things:

  • Post this in the meta category (relating to operations/usage of the forum; this support category is for Infinite Flight support requests).
  • Check your spelling, especially in your titles :)

I’ve fixed this for you. This is just one of the responsibilities as moderator :)


You’ll never know until you try, nothing impossible but there are other factors involved so again you could only try in the future.

You also need lot of time to be a moderator, read lot of threads (even those you don’t find intresting).

Not an easy job! :)


Thanks guys… Sorry @carmalonso I was walking and typing.

We periodically review potential moderator candidates and if there is a need for more we will contact the people who we have observed to display and maintain good behaviors and practices that match the spirit of the community guidelines. Except for me and the rest of the FDS team it’s a purely voluntary, unpaid position.

That said… It’s often not any fun at all. Thankfully the community helps each other the vast majority of the time anyway. :)


I hear sprinkling pixie dust could help ;)

Thanks guys

This is the truth! From the outside moderating a website looks like a fun job, but in all reality you often spend hours reading each topic and responding reported posts and such. I am a community manager (fancy title for moderator and fix-it guy) for another simulation game and there are often sleepless nights dealing with issues. I think everyone should take a moment to thank the team we have here for doing such a good job on keeping everything under control!


You have to be an animal. Sort of.