How do I avoid violations on the Expert Server?

I am new to the Infinite Flight Expert Server, I have flown a few routes but none with active ATC. The reason I have not flown in active ATC is because I wanted to learn what I need to know so that I can be as professional as possible when flying on the expert server. I will more than likely be taking part in the FNF tomorrow and it will be my first time with ATC! Now this leads me to my question, Is it hard to avoid violations, or is it easy? I am going to do everything ATC instructs me to do and do it to the best of my ability, but if I mess up on accident will that mean automatic violation from the controller?

Thank You!

It’s easy, just listen to the ATC at all times, if you mess up, chances are you won’t get reported, unless it is extremely busy, and if it’s only one of your first few times, send a message to the controller. If you want to appeal a report, hit up @appeals and they can try to help you out if you send them the flight replay. Just don’t do anything against what you are told to do by IFATC and you should be good!

You can refer to this link for help with ATC commands

@Kyle0705 is probably a better source of information for ATC due to him being ATC appeals so check his out

Another great resource is this topic Guide to understanding Pilot/ATC interaction better. Made by members of the IFATC group, it will help you understand different commands and what to do when on a frequency.


Follow all instruction’s and do things like hold short of runway’s, follow give way commands dont send multiple message’s. It’s common sense really

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